my floral story

This story picks up after my love of travel and flowers led me to London.

I somehow secured a job that allowed me to play with beautiful, garden style blooms all day long as shop manager for renowned florist Rebel Rebel (yes, they were responsible for Beyonce's floral headdress in US Vogue Sep 18!)

Memories of waking up early on cold, dark mornings to buy flowers from the New Convent Garden Flower Market, the smell of bacon sandwiches over the yell of ‘yer right?’ from the wholesale vendors, driving back to our workshop along the Thames, passing parliament and the iconic London skyline, coffee in hand, ready for another day.

Garden Graffiti Headshot 2.jpg

Home was then calling, the scent of eucalyptus on my fingertips was too strong to ignore.

Melbourne reintroduced me to the beauty of our native flowers and after some time there the leaves started changing, and then falling, and I was hoping maybe another summer, in the city that never sleeps could awaken me. 

And so the buzz of New York City called and I hit the ground running with an armful of flowers. From glamourous weddings in the Hamptons, to television premieres and 360 degree floral installations at the Lincoln Centre, I really was living a florists dream.


But it was the colourful, bold Brooklyn blocks that really got my attention. And soon enough, my NYC minute was up.

Garden Graffiti is built from my experiences travelling with flowers and working with the best designers around the world. It was a seed in my head five years ago and now after some growing…

it's finally ready to sprout in my home city of Brisbane.