5 Tips To Make An Everlasting Flower Crown

Sneak Peak Into our Brisbane Workshop!


When I was working and living in London I noticed that during the summer festival season there was always a fresh flower crown stall to get your boho fix. They create such a whimsical and magical atmosphere and you do feel like a woodland nymph with one on!

I really wanted to bring this idea to Australia, but sometimes the climate, especially in Brisbane, wrecks havoc on the delicate fresh florals. So we decided to use the same technique to create everlasting flower crowns, and use materials that are dried, the result turned out to be much better than expected and since we started making them we’ve taught over 100 people how to make their own!

Last Saturday we held another workshop at Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane and we had 16 participants in house ready to learn! Follow a few a tips that I mentioned in the workshop and I hope you’ll get a better understanding of how to make one.

1. Tools! - you can grab all of these materials at Koch & Co.

  • Scissors

  • Wire Cutters

  • Parafilm (florist sticky tape)

  • Ribbon

  • Thick Florist Wire

  • Thin Floral Wire

2. Individually Wiring Stems (thin wire) - substitute the natural stem of a flower for a wired one, this allows you to bend, shape and strengthen the flower. Always parafilm over bare wire to ensure the wire won’t poke you!

3. Curve Base Wire (thick wire) - curve your base wire along the shape of your head and add individually wired stems to the curve, this ensures no gaps at the end!

4. Placement - after you’ve created a hook for your ribbon to attach, place a variety of materials along the base wire, keeping them close, in the same direction and alternating different textures along the wire.

5. Ribbon Ending - finish with another hook to attach your second ribbon, tie underneath your head and have a look in the mirror!

We covered all this and more with a vino in hand and chats with new friends to be had! Everlasting Flower Crowns are great because you can keep them until you head to an event for race day, your birthday, a hens night, or just keep it attached over your mirror forever.

We love teaching people new floral skills and it’s always so rewarding seeing people amazed at their own handiwork. It’s the best feeling!

The amount of people who say to me ‘but I’m not creative’ then two hours later they are incredibly chuffed about their own creation….


All the above images were photographed by Jess at Folk and Fawn.

Thank you to our participants last Saturday, it was a beautiful ‘crafternoon’ and if there is anything that you want to learn at our next workshop, please let me know!

- Kat xx

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